Top 9 Best Web Browsers for Android 2019-20

Top 9 Best Web Browser for Android to surf the web in your style. The Browsers are compared by on there features, data saver, fast processing, user-friendly, and speed. We will discuss about the shares of the Google Chrome, Samsung Internet Browser, Puffin Browser and many other Web Browsers.

Best Web Browsers are the most important tools for any Android Phone user. They help you to find the right thing fast, and virus free without considering too much data. The Web Browsers are different from the search engine though. The tool retrieves the images, text, and graphics from the URL. The engine also helps you to spend time playing games without the internet.

Best Web Browsers for Android

Nowadays the Smartphones are very powerful enough to do all the research which a PC is able to do. In the Play Store, you can find several types of Web Directory each claiming to be the best on the Internet. So, today I will tell you about some of the best Web Browser for Android device 2019-20.

Best Web Browsers for Android to enhance your Web Directory Experience

Without a Browers our Android Phones are ruff. They are the most powerful tools developed by the Internet Community. The Browser Market is very big and it’s still growing bigger and many Companies hold a big market share with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, and Safari making up to 80% of the Web Engines used Worldwide.

These are the Best Web Browsers for Android. They give you the best web experience in unique ways. Top 10 Best apps for photo editing checkout now

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

The Google Chrome Browser is the most powerful and popular Web Browser for Android in the World. Chrome used by over 1.5 Billion users and the daily increase. Chrome holds the largest market share in the browser segment. Google says that your security is our duty that’s why Google regularly updates the browser with the latest security features to keep the user’s data safe with malware attacks. The Chrome auto block dangerous sites for security reason. The Browsers has a very clean user interface and supports almost every video format and media.

Features of Google Chrome

Inbuild Adblocking System

Quick response and fast processing

Comes with Google Translate

Auto Block dangerous sites

Data Saver with Offline Game

Download Google Chrome

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Crossed over 500 million downloads on the Samsung Internet Browser. Currently Samsung Internet holds a 5% market share. The  App is pre-installed in all Samsung devices. If you don’t have a Samsung device you can download it from Play Store. The Browsers supports Android 5.0 and above. Samsung Internet Browser has Inbuild Web Payment support and Pop-up video support.

Feature of Samsung Internet Browser

Virtual Reality experience for Web Pages.

Auto Ad and Useless content blocking

KNOX Support, Reader Mode, and Saved Pages Option

All new Payments Option with Biometric Authentication

Power saving and Data saving Mode

Download Samsung Internet Browser

Opera Web Browser


Opera a very old and trustable browser for Android. The list would be incomplete without the name of Opera. The Opera Browser has java backed feature that’s why he also has over 100 million users across the World. All tools are available in these browsers which you expect from a full-featured Smart Browser.

The Opera Browser includes an ad blocker, download manager, VPN feature which you can not find in any browser.

Download Opera Browser

Microsoft Edge

microsoft edge


Microsoft Edge Browser is a successor to the Internet Explorer. Nowadays, Users don’t like a slow browser like Internet Explorer but Internet Explorer is the King of his time. Microsoft Edge Browser is pretty fast. The heavy web pages do load quite quickly. The Interface of the browser is user-friendly, you can easily access all the website without any headache. The Microsoft Edge has inbuilt Adblocker by Adblock Plus which can be switched on in the settings. The Security of the Browser is pretty good.

Download Microsoft Edge

Firefox Focus

firefox focus

The Firefox browser by Firefox is an all in privacy tool. You can call it all time incognito mode. The main aim of the Browser is Blocks irritating Ads, Trackers and other intrusive codes which may send your private information to the web owner. The App doesn’t store cookies, recent info, and password for your security purpose. You get the trust of Mozilla and a higher level of privacy with this tool.

The browser is backed by the internet giant Mozilla so you can expect with this high-speed performance. If you need a lite weight incognito browser with ad-block, I think Firefox Focus Browser is pretty good for You.

Download Firefox Focus

Puffin Web Browser Portal

Puffin Web Browser

The Puffin Web Browser especially uses for desktop version feature. The Puffin Web Claims to be “Wicked Fast” by means of switching the heavy page load fast. The App has inbuilt Adobe Flash Over Cloud. Puffin Browser has a fast JavaScript Engine to render the page pretty fast.

Feature of Puffin Web Browser

Pretty fast Page rendering speed

Inbuilt Adobe Flash support

1 GB Cloud support

Virtual Mouse pad just like desktop

Download Puffin Browser

UC Browser

UC Browser

UC Browser is one of the most download browsers on the Internet. The UC Browser has over 500 million users across the world. It has some of the best features that you can expect from a Smart Web Browser. Inbuilt Ad-blocker, download manager, turbo fast browsing, incognito mode, and much more features.

Feature of UC Browser

Fast Browsing

Fast Downloading

Night Mode feature

Smart Data Saving feature

Daily Updated News

Download UC Browser

Yandex Protect Internet Service

Yandex Protect

Yandex Browser has over 50 million downloads becoz of his security. It is a free web tool developed by the Russian Web search Corporation Yandex. Yandex is a very popular search engine like Google.

The Yandex Protect is also known for desktop. You can use Desktop Web Extension in Yandex Browser. Yandex Browser has a turbo mode in case of slow internet connection.

Yandex Protech Browser

DU Browser

DU Browser

The DU Browser is a multi-feature browser for Android. DU Browser has inbuilt video player, music player with video floating feature. The one and only app who works on Kernel T5 which can be load the page in case of slow internet connection. This app consumes low data and storage space as the app is developed by Baidu.

DU Browser

Guys, These are the top 9 fast, secure and user friendly, and smart Browsers. In this post, I will tell about The Best Web Browsers for Android. Browsers are very useful things in our smartphone life and the very hard to choose a perfect browser. I think you can clear your all doubt about Best Browsers. So keep reading keep loving and don’t forget to share this post.

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