Google Opinion Rewards How to get more Surveys (10 Weird Trick)

Guys, Google Opinion rewards no survey problem solved. Google detects your interest in Google’s product like how much you spend your time on Google’s Apps and Can you update your apps always. These little things are very normal but very useful. When you travel somewhere do feedback on Google Map. It’s showing your interest in Google and help you to get Google Opinion Rewards unlimited surveys.

In this post, I’ll share my strategy to how I get more reviews in Google Opinion reward Apk. Guys, Download Swagbucks for more online surveys. Full Swagbucks app review here.

Google opinion rewards how to get more surves

Google Opinion Rewards how to get more surveys (7 Tips)

    1. The first and important thing is to be loyal don’t do fake feedbacks.
    2. The first thing that you need to do is log in with at least six months old Gmail
    3. Then you need to do is select your gender female and tell your age is 55-64
    4. Choose your language English & Hindi it helps you to get some extra surveys in Hindi.
    5. Always come back at least three times in a day that shows your interest in Google Opinion Reward Apk.
    6. Hold your survey; Like don’t be a flash. Think how 60 years old lady do, take at least 20 to 30 seconds to give an answer. You can get extra money. If you don’t believe, give a fast and slow answer. Then comment me on this post.
    7. Always use Google’s apps more like Google Chrome, Google Play Music, Update your apps daily and rate your journey through Google map.

The one more step is allow all permissoin to Google Rewards. Head over to ‘Settings> Applications> Google Opinion Rewards’, Now go to the permission settings and allow the all permission. That helps you to get more surveys when you visit on any place or restorent. If you don’t have permission option leave it and try the first step.

I know these things are very ridiculous, but these things always help me to get more Google Opinion Reward surveys. Even sometimes, I got 2-3 surveys daily. And I am pretty sure that this trick helps you too.

How about Google Opinion Reward unlimited surveys?

Google Opinion Reward unlimited surveys are very funny. I think you already know that Google can’t be hacked. These website or tutorials waste your time. Even you can’t hack any online game or hack. And Google is Google you can’t break Google’s security. I’ll show how you can get more surveys instead of Google Opinion rewards no survey. I think you can try Brain Baazi app

Google Opinion Rewards Review

Google Opinion Rewards Review: I think you don’t need to spend your time in Google Opinion Reward. The best thing is Surveys notification popup on your screen then go and complete a survey. I think 1 minute is enough for them. You can’t be rich with Google Opinion reward but you can collect money for purchasing apps or games. In India there is survey prize is very low but in the USA and other country survey prize is almost $0.50 – $1.

Google Opinion Reward in India

Google Opinion Reward review

I think guys, you need patience in your life if you belong from India. In India, you can get a minimum of $0.04 – $0.23. I use this app for five months and I collect $3.83. I know this is very low but, I don’t need to spend my whole time I take surveys in a minute. Try Winzo Gold app and get 50 rupees cash bonus

Any disadvantage

I think there is one disadvantage. You can’t spend your money on other platforms like Amazon Coupon, Walmart, Starbucks. You have to spend your reward money by buying a subscription pack, apps, games, books, movies, etc. Download MX Player Pro APK